How King James Bible came to be. Was published in 1611 and was Englands authorized version of the Bible translated from the original Hebrew, & Greek languages into to English at the request of King James 1 of England, at the time when other English Bibles existed. King James did not like the most popular translation the Geneva Bible, because he felt that some of the material notes, encouage disobediance to the kings. So when a puritan scolar Dr. John Reynolds suggested a new translation of the Bible at a 1604 conference of Bishops, Therologists at Hampton Court Palance, King James agree.
By June of 1604, 54 of Englands foremost scholars, and linquists were formed into 6 panels to translate particul groups of the Old Testament & New Testament into English. Even though King James agree to the New Bible translations. The tranlators dedicated their work to the most high, and the mighty Prince James.
The King James version was never offically recognized by the KIng, nor was it ever authorized as the only text permitted to be read at Church. Despite this, it soon replaced both the Bishop Bible, & the Geneva Bible in popularity and became the leading text for private use.
Out of the 54 men chosen to translate the King James Bible, only 47 finished the 7yr project.


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