Day Three – Identity (Who Are You?) 

Who you are in Christ is one of the most important revelations you can get from the word of God. It’s not enough to just know, but you must believe who God says you are because it is your true identity.

I believe that identity and confidence is closely tied together, because the knowledge of who we are in Christ—the understanding of our identity—boosts our confidence and allows us to be secure in an immovable truth. I believe insecurity is the absence of identity. When you don’t know who you are in Christ, it’s an entry point for the enemy to bring confusion and deposit lies that lead to bondage.

By reading The Word, the more I familiarise myself with who God is, and the significance of Christ (God in the flesh, dying on the cross for me), the more I experience freedom and gain a greater sense of security.

It’s about relinquishing who you think you are or what you’ve been told you are, and taking on who Christ says you are. I love how Ephesians 1:4-8 affirms who we are once we are in Christ, through His death, burial and resurrection:

  •  We are loved
  • We are chosen
  • We are adopted and are His children
  • We are redeemed
  • We are forgiven of our sins in accordance with the riches of His grace, which He has lavished on us. All according to His purpose (His intention and plan)

These are just a fraction of the truths that you should be aligning yourself with. This is what should be shaping the perception you have of yourself. The word of God is where you gain validation and understand the significance you have in Christ.

You are not your past, neither are you your struggles, or mistakes. It’s important to highlight this because it’s so easy to make those things your identity. Once they become who you are they begin to govern how you live your life. This can limit you, stop you from maximizing the rights that you have in Christ and keep you from fulfilling the purpose He has set for you on the earth. That’s not God’s desire for you! It’s time to know, accept and believe the truth, so that you can be set free. Your identity can be found nowhere else but in Christ.



Lord, as I go through the scriptures, help me to become more aware of the identity that I have in you. Expose any identity that I have taken on that is false or contrary to your word.  Help me to live in the truth of what you have said about me, through your word.

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