Spiritual Investor > Worldly Consumer

Do you remember the last big gift you bought for someone? What about the last gift you bought for yourself? I’m writing this devotional on the weekend of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. I am completely blown away by the photos and stories of people who stand in line for hours and literally fight other people for a television set.

When was the last time you spiritually invested in someone? I’m not talking about the short “I’ll pray for you” investment. You know, the investment where you say you’ll pray for someone and then you try to find five seconds during your day to squeeze it in? I’m talking about a spiritual investment where you’re laying hands on someone in prayer, where you’re mourning with someone who is mourning, where you give beyond your means because you have faith that God will provide.

Can you imagine if we were excited, waited for hours in line, and fought other people to say “Jesus I know this person is hurting and I want to make an investment in their spiritual life?” Let’s be honest, we would probably try to avoid that conversation all together. It’s too difficult, too awkward, and we may have to sacrifice and step out of our comfort zone. Friends, the return on that spiritual investment will bring you so much more joy than any worldly item ever will. Instead of wasting our life being worldly consumers we need to spend more time becoming spiritual investors. We need to make a daily decision to invest in the Kingdom of God.

Focus: Jesus created us for more than to just enjoy worldly distractions. Our mission is the Great Commission! Take heart! Let’s choose to love people and use things, not the other way around. Today let’s focus on spiritually investing in someone in our lives. Reach out to them, pray for them, give generously to them, and love them like Jesus does!

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