Three times. The same prayer. Jesus of course knew that each time his Father had heard him. They shared a closeness that is not humanly comprehensible. The Father and the Son were part of the Trinity, the one and the same God. So, why did Jesus go to the Father three times to say pretty much the same thing?

Perhaps it was to show us that we need to persist in prayer till we experience the rest that only he can give. Jesus did. He poured out in prayer what was pressing down on his heart. And once he found his place of joyful surrender, he got up and followed through in absolute obedience.

Like Jesus, we too have the privilege of pouring out our hearts in persistent prayer. It’s not about twisting God’s arm to get what we want. It’s about learning to yield to him more completely. And like Jesus, we rise from our knees knowing that God has heard us and that ours is the victory.

Bringing It Home

What is pressing down on my heart today? Am I taking it to God in prayer? Am I experiencing his rest? Am I moving forward in obedience?

Lean In

Father God, Thank you for the incredible privilege of calling out to you in prayer. Thank you for Jesus’ example of coming to you persistently. Help me to persevere in prayer till I experience the peace and that inner strengthening at the very core of my being. Amen

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