When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

Those three words – It is finished – are a declaration of victory

Jesus uses a rather unusual sentence syntax. Correct grammar would have been: It has been finished.

Yet, Jesus deliberately compromises his grammar to declare that the effect of his sacrifice is for all time. He is for today. His sacrifice is for now, as much as it was for then.

Jesus had completed the mission he had come for. It was completed to perfection. He had poured out his life even unto death. He made it possible for a sinful humanity to have an eternal relationship with a Holy God.

Nothing needs to be added to it. No good works. No more sacrifice. This was the greatest victory in the human race. Victory over sin and death.

Bringing It Home

Do I believe that I have victory over sin because of the Cross? Or do I somehow feel like I’m not strong enough to withstand the tides of depravity that the world brings in? Do I cling to the Cross not only for salvation but for daily triumph over sin?

Lean In

Father God, Sometimes, I fall into habitual sin. I forget that you have won the victory. Help me grasp that “it is finished.” All I do is accept that gift and rest in what you have accomplished. Amen

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