We’re All In This Together

This probably seems like an odd verse in the middle of a study about life’s journey, but this section of Israel’s story marks a significant transition. Up until this point, when they began to build the Tabernacle, they had been grumbling and complaining and fighting amongst themselves and with God and Moses (positive bunch!).

From this point on though, when they started working, and working together, the grumbling disappears. Now that’s a miracle!

There are several gems to take from this (like the fact that we’re all better humans when we’re involved in a purpose bigger than ourselves!) but the one we’ll focus on is that we’re actually meant to do this journey together, in partnership. Not isolation or competition, but with each other. We work best when we work together and we walk best when we walk together.

The only “not good” in all of the creation story was that man was alone—enter woman! So let’s decide to not do this journey alone. We’re better together.

What areas of your journey are you trying to handle alone, and who could you let come alongside?

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